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sugga_1 October 2010
Be careful not 2 make women cry! God counts their every tear! Watchout men!
joprince August 2009
How do you think about life. (7)
Is it bored ? Is it terrible ? Is it a waste ?
shy.ash September 2008
Love or lust (1)
is there such a thing called love at first sight or is it l*st at first sight
sugga_1 September 2008
Ones health is very important. As such, one has 2 take care. Yet we treat ourselves so badly! Why?
sugga_1 March 2008
Life (0)
We hve 1 life 2 live! Yet we live it as if deres more! Is dere?
sugga_1 October 2007
Women & Love (0)
Does a woman really love a man?
bossgal October 2007
Front office (5)
Leave ur signature by saying where u located
sugga_1 October 2007
Women & Relationships (0)
During da courting, love is hot! All things r loved! But after years 2gether, she takes u 4 granted, love dies, etc! What went wrong?
joprince August 2007
Muisc (2)
What type of music is taking over the world to day and why ?
joprince July 2007
Moment (7)
What was your sadess moment?
joprince September 2006
Questions (0)
What was the greastest question ever ask ?
joprince August 2006
God. (0)
One word to describe.
joprince August 2006
Affairs (0)
What is it like ? Is it right or wrong.?
joprince August 0
Ans me (0)
Why man must die?
joprince August 0
Joke (1)
Whats the difference between a pregrant woman and a light bulb ? Lol do enjoy.

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