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n1ck 2021
anybody here? [12]
Hey all. I've been away from Prodigits for quite a long time. Now that I've come back to say hi to everyone, I see that there's very little activity i
festus36 July 2019
WHERE? (2)
Where are the almost 1000 members of this group?
rider13 June 2018
Hello old friends and new ones also. I am the owner of atthecross group here. I need your help. For several years my health has continued to decline a
oubaas June 2018
Good bye but not farewell (6)
I am moving to one of these white settlements for the poor. Please check this out God Bl
seastarr June 2018
New Group Chat!! [371]
Old Chat mysteriously locked it's self! We continue Christain Fellowship here. blossom.gif
phlamex September 2017
Do u realli believe in ur faith? (2)
'believershome' is d group where u cn post qustns n commnts n argue on topics which can cause a lastin change 2 sum1s life.. Pls join n bring sum1 2 l
sirayuk June 2016
be born twice so u don't die twice (0)
If we don't follow what the Bible says then we are already doomed, we have all it takes to be faithful, all we can fear has been taken care of, even
endtimes June 2016
The Return of The King [19]
When Jesus came to our world 2,000 years ago, He and His message of love and salvation were rejected by the leaders of His own people. Yes, they wante
sirayuk June 2016
is realy the end preacher now try 2 meet the need of christians thereby preaching only what they like. to sooth their desire,but apostle Paul said to
sirayuk November 2015
focus on the second coming (0)
All Jesus said is getting fulfilled, making us to know that we have come to the end, so now don't get distracted about that, imagine all the sacrifice
leonado1 June 2014
Ever since then people have failed to realize that there is just one God with three offices or manifestations. They know there is one God accordin
leonado1 June 2014
THREE (3) MAINLINE DENOMINATIONAL BELIEFS ON THE GODHEAD and their discrepancies --------------------o0o----------------------- There
endtimes June 2014
tterrag February 2014
that day (0)
it was that day that jesus walked away in evry single way hes still here it was that day that no birds would cry no foul or shelling syy because jesus
evangee January 2014
Jesus wept amen.why must the son of God always remember his suffering because of man.because ous sins,the wounds of God can't be healed,pls let us do

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