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kiss54 October 2020
s*x in shower [64]
Has anyone tried it
rorins April 2020
jools66 February 2019
casbabe May 2018
Whats ure fave place (2)
I love ibiza and alcudia wohoo x
manmanam1373 May 2015
Man (0)
I am iranian man
singharl April 2014
love with want a life partner (0)
my dear, am honest,pantual&hard working boy & hat to lier.realy i need a life partner in this way. i mant to serious relationship with her.then who lo
and29 February 2014
How many times a week do you h [20]
How many times aweek do you have s*x and are you satified each time ?
joeyz October 2013
ALL about fking d hell out of ur partner.
babani September 2013
How does love affect pple heart? (1)
I really fall in love with a beautiful young lady, fiddausi and she letter as me to get rid of it how friend?
casbabe September 2013
rate me x [11]
pic in wapsite x
sharukxx July 2013
Who is the s*xiest women in our group? (1)
Plz..give a notification to my private groupfashionx x x,and post u r s*xiest photos to our group i will judge u?&msg me
87ka June 2013
Yo first kiss,at wat age? [42]
A first kiss,waz so funny,i dint realy knw how 2du it tho i waz 15.
bailey January 2013
Why do men cheat and why do th [9]
I need serious help or else am goin 2 go crazy.
jochim January 2013
love (1)
why is it had for some guys to propals love to a lady.
cleve.h October 2012
Animated s*xy GIFs (2)
Does anyone know a site that will send those s*xy animated GIF pictures to my email? Or if you have some to share...

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