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jay1777 September 2010
vex because of s*x (0)
y when men ask women for s*x & she doesn't give they stop talk u
sulei July 2010
i need a gal (0)
am looki 4 a beautiful gal 2b my gal since av broken up wit ma x due 2 ungrown reasons...we can make it if we try.bliv me
baybegal July 2010
Waplove [9]
I met my bf on here and we have been 2 geva 4 2years we wana move in 2geva n i love him loadz the distence hurts us both altho im always round his so
101dan July 2010
wildr0se July 2010
Does it work out? (4)
I've been in love wit a guy 4 2yrs. He made me so happy but den we drifted apart. We had plans 2 always b 2getha... But dat fell apart.
sparky_a July 2010
Love connects itself (3)
warm hello 2 all wona ask how many years u guys hve bin in ltd n ur guy or gal like where doz he she lives same city or not n how u met? N nefin wona
andy.g July 2010
Does it really work? [37]
Im not convinced myself, tho live in hope.
sid24 July 2010
What if? (2)
Hukd up wit smeone. Nevr met or talkd to her on fone. I make al eforts to meet or cal. Cud i b it wil nevr hapn?
tima786 April 2010
True love [14]
What is ur meaning of true love?
renimpac October 2009
looking for life partner (2)
looking for life partner
kuidama April 2009
Misunderstandings (2)
Hw d'u or how should you handle misunderstandings in long distance relationships? April 2009
invitation (0)
you are invited to join group
kjm1974 March 2009
please help advice plz (5)
met guy n here and reali fell in love he had c*m out of a nasty relationship a mnth prior to our finding each other and had been hurt bad as had i p
jatman March 2009
am lookin 4 true luv dat went mind colour or distance bcos there is joy in bein luv.
w2345a February 2009
Interacial love (1)
How can u make it work without either party suffering or being rejected by family members?

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