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lost.guy June 2018
exorcism (5)
hi, do exorcisms still happen today or is it a thing of the past?
unquiet1 October 2015
Should We Fear Hell? [20]
Wot image does the word hell conjure up in your mind? Do you see hell as a literal place of fire and brimstone, of unending torment and anguish? Fo
n1ck June 2014
I'm Back! (0)
Hey guys and girls! I started this group some time ago when I was still very active on Prodigits. I left some time ago to focus on other things I had
lost.guy June 2014
born again? [10]
hi. if u are already a christian why is it u need to be born again? i dont quite get what it does for people.
n1ck June 2014
Introduce Yourself [249]
Introduce yourself to everybody here. Tell us your real name (if you want to) and what religion you follow and what your beliefs are. Even tell us a l
unquiet1 September 2011
5 Secrets of Contentment (6)
Is It Possible to Be Content? ''Content[ment] makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor.'' -Benjamin Franklin. TRUE to
paulster August 2011
Jehovas Witness [130]
Can u tell me are Jehovas Witness to do with Christianity? I once heard that these people believe that 2nd coming of Christ was back in 1914.. Is that
bail October 2010
Betrayal: my confession [27]
Its very painful when u are betrayed by s'one whom u hv trusted, sincerely loved without prejudices. We humans potray
fursa September 2010
2O1O (8)
Brothere n sisters... It is the beginin of a nu year n decade... I pray we will all hv nu begnins n grace to face nuness
enryu May 2010
any still here lol [13]
i still pop back at times to check things but lately its not that active at here. anyone still lurking? lol.gif
mjully May 2010
mirror mirror (5)
my people serve me with words but their hearts r very far from u know God or u know about God? every day as u look in a mirror to make sure ur t
n1ck May 2010
Message from Owner [10]
Hi all! I haven't been here for quite some time now, I trust all are well and being blessed this new year!
flaky05 May 2010
Your Christmass Gifts (2)
Christmas Gifts God grant you the light of Christmas, which is faith; the warmth of Christmas, which is love; the radiance of Chr
lost.guy May 2010
michael (2)
hi. arch angel michael is the warrior angel with a sword to clear area of negative spirits right? but the 2nd coming of jesus christ may end up like d
n1ck November 2009
The Perfect Church? [48]
First let me as*ert that there are 2 definitions of ''the church''. There is the true church, which is collectively every born again Christian

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