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pimphead May 2024
to all members (1)
Hey pu*sys who do u s trying to impress with ur mute speech?Why Rnt there any topics in this kak group R all of ya brain dead or what?
dilkush March 2011
Freely Shout Box... (5)
Friens here u can shout freely ur feelings n get attention whom u wanted. But, no abusing or hurting words 2anybody.
ghostlsd March 2011
F.r.i.e.n.d.s.h.i.p (3)
wats friendship?
d.e.a.d March 2011
wats the Budlist mood of the day? (1)
U may shoot me wid ur words. U may cut me wid ur Eyes. U may kill me wid ur Hatefulnez But lyk d air I wil alwyz Rise witch.gif
d.e.a.d March 2011
:-:-Welcome-:-: (0)
My Warm Welcome to all members out here. Please introduce urself here.
d.e.a.d March 2011
wAt iF....... (0)
iF u sEE sOmEoNe gOt iNjUrEd iN a RoAd aCcIdEnT aNd dYiNg iN fRoNt oF yOu, tHeN wAt WiL YoU dO tO hElP dEm??? sad.gif
ghostlsd March 2011
Lover or Friend (0)
whos ur first priority lover or friend?

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