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kingsgreat 2024
Make Money Online (0)
Do You Want To Make Money Online First 10 to messages now 5000 to 10000
xst0rmx September 2023
Long Time* (7)
hey awl... jus wonderin who stil chatz here... has dis really become ghost town?
agbas June 2021
Xenophobia [12]
Will some please explain to me why both male and female south Africans are so xenophobic?
sanele.m May 2019
durban chat [11]
Not only people frm durban but all over the worl are wellcum
poraking October 2018
Joburg [37]
This is where ppl form joburg can chat.
lovett26 October 2017
Dating for Love or Money (1)
Love oh love, nothing else matters as long as you've got the one you love by your side Vs Rand signs are the one thing that matter, love on its own
0asuka0 October 2016
Cape Town_ lonely people (2)
anybody who is home n bored. pop in lets chat cos totally bored!!!
rejin October 2015
North West (0)
Anyone here from North West ?
samsiame October 2014
Wat up? [9]
Wats ppl? this ur boy sam jst sayn hi 2 all n halla bck if u can
pretty5108 January 2014
hi (2)
hi there
ta_spijo September 2013
2fargon March 2013
Lookin 4 THE 1 (6)
I'll know who she is when I see her. She knows who she is!
cleangre March 2013
Ek soek my droom girl (0)
Kom girls ek wil sien of ek ha kan kry
wendy44u March 2012
BigNUZ o Black coffee (5)
I cnt decide whch grp 2vote 4 4d Samas btwn bigNUZ o black coffee..plz hlp me decide..bth albums a to-do..
poraking March 2012
Durban [24]
This is where ppl from durban can chat.

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