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9362 May 2014
What's the difference (5)
Between groups such as pentecostals and 7th day adventists and ordinary christians?
phlamex May 2014
'believershome' (0)
Is d place where u see light in d knowledge of history philosophy n theology.. Pls join d group where u cn write ur qustions n get d right answers n k
zaporah October 2011
pesach/passover (2)
chag sameach everybody :-) now is the time where jews all over the world remember when we were freed from pharoah so eat that matzo lol
3april January 2011
What is a religion? (0)
There are more than 2000 religions in the world,but many seem to be mistaken christianity for a religion.christianity is not a religion!christianity i
akil28 November 2010
Genealogy of Jesus (8)
I was wonderin about the family line of Jesus's mother was she Judah? Cause if Jesus is said to be of Judah bcause of Joseph is that really accurate s
9362 March 2010
How does the media treat [16]
Your religion in your country?
9362 January 2010
Inter religion relationships [11]
If a child of yours was in love with someone from another religion would you accept it?
shadyct August 2009
Farewell Khutbah for Jummahtul (3)
Farewell Khutbah for the Last Friday of Ramadan In the Name of Almighty Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Assalamualaykum Warahmatu
oubaas August 2009
Fathers love letter (1)
Father's Love Letter - English My Child You may not know me, but I know everything about you Psalm 139:1 I know when you sit dow
9362 August 2009
Jewish rabbi's (7)
Is it true they are not allowed to serve in the army,if so,why?Also why do all the male rabbi's seem to wear the same type of hat?and what is the sign
9362 April 2009
Israel/palestine problem [31]
Every time this gets talked about in the forum it descends into stupid insulting so here we can have a nice peaceful debate about it
shadyct April 2009
religion forum [40]
anyone agree with me that its getting worse by the day..I joind a other site the otha day under this nick and ppl askd if i was shady 4rm pro i said y
cydr1 April 2009
Rosh Hashanah (5)
tomorrow evening monday 29th september when you can see three stars in the sky at a glance,it will be the start of Jewish New Year 5769.Rosh Hashanah
zeitl April 2009
Chanukah (4)
or more familiar Hannakah. whilst our Christian friends are celebrating Christmas the Jewish people will be celebrating starts on the 21s
9362 April 2009
Sunni/shia dispute [12]
People in the forum seem confused by this so warrior is going to explain it

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