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9362 February 2013
Tears in my heart (2)
How precious it is,the gift of a child,into this world,so gentle and mild,but society moulds them,to good or to bad,depending upon life experiences th
budman February 2013
the loser wins (5)
You know you fked up right? Bye bye wish you luck with life, but I'll be d*mned if, I let you manage, to bless that blade and keep taking advantage, l
budman February 2013
Strength to go on (6)
By Rise Against. From the album appeal to reason.
9362 September 2008
An irish airman (1)
By w.b.yeats
9362 September 2008
Endymion (1)
By john keats
9362 September 2008
Code poem for the resistance (1)
By leo marks 1920-2001

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