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minmei July 2018
New JK Rowlings movie (0)
Great to see that there's another Pre-Harry Potter movie out. Can't wait to see it! happy2.gif
minmei May 2018
Two New Harry Potter Books (5)
Do you think the Harry Potter play and the Book of Ghastly Beasts will be made into movies?
jakimc February 2017
You write it!!! [32]
If u had the time, resources n imagination of j.k. rowling (maybe u do lol) wud u write another bk? Wot wud it b - prequel/sequel/sumthin different? H
jakimc March 2015
The Sorting Ceremony [145]
Here u can introduce urself n even sort urself in2 a house if ya want lol
candyqty April 2013
Too much Harry?!? [54]
Here is a topic I found on another fansite and its so cute/funny i thought i'd copy it. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR READING TOO MANY HP BOOKS
jakimc April 2013
HP quiz [261]
Answer the question n ask 1 - wot is Dumbledores full name?
jakimc April 2013
Owl post game [68]
ok bear with me u'll pick it up soon - i write a letter 2 1 character from another character then the nxt person writes 1 2 the 2nd character from
minmei July 2011
Deathly Hallows part 2 (2)
I saw it today...epic!! What do you think about it?
minmei July 2011
Wrock (0)
Has anyone heard of the band DRACO AND THE MALFOYS? What are they like?
jakimc June 2011
Members chat [1514]
Here's a place 4 members 2 chat 2 other members bout ne thing non-hp-related! Discuss ur other interests n maybe find a bud! Wot else, other than hp,
jakimc February 2011
Name link [90]
Heres a nice easy game u must have seen b4! I'll say a character name n the nxt person has 2 say a name startin with the last letter! Here we go :-[br
a.l.d.06 February 2011
Word association [113]
Right new game ill start by sayin a word to do with hp then the next person says first word that springs to mind to do with hp and so on ok got it ill
skanda January 2011
Member Information [13]
Hey Guys! This is a topic Where u post your contact information such as your mobile/telephone numbers,postal address etc. If any of u want to keep it
jakimc January 2011
In the hotseat... CANDYQTY! [213]
Ok, as discussed in Members Chat this topic is just 4 fun n 2 help us get 2 no each other a little better! 1 GH member will b put in the hotseat 4 1 m
jakimc September 2010
Harry Potter ABC's [140]
Im sure u all no how this game goes, I'll start... Animagus

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