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kajei200 November 2011
do you think Mancini side is in the best form to lift glory this season?
dantikle August 2010
Arsenal is da bestest team! (0)
De gunners is gona gun down all teams esp. Man utd wid wayne rooney in da team.
kajei200 March 2010
You lose a game, you lose the (0)
Do you guys think that whoever will lose or even draw in a match of da 3 at the top will have at the same point lost the leauge title..
kajei200 March 2010
Man U vs Livpool (1)
Guyz would u believe me wen i say Benitez's boyz r best compared 2 Fergusions'...4-1 a home game prove it.. Benitez da best and i have got no apology
olesiare February 2010
Time for a change (0)
My dia gooner fans as much as we love da profesa i personaly thnk hes lost it smwea our defeat 2 manu does realy question alot bout our ability 2 chal
briancla January 2010
sunderland (0)
we are still beter than newcasle
kajei200 January 2010
FA Cup (1)
Guyz i think a*seNAL can take da FA if our injuries happen 2 return soon.
briancla January 2010
sunderland afc (1)
what a cr*p performance today
bisue36 November 2009
Your team (0)
Who do you all follow and where you come from. Lets see who is a glory hunter. I am from stoke and follow stoke and have done for last 30 years
kajei200 November 2009
Manchester Utd ahead again (2)
With Manchester United once again taking the first position, i think it will be tough once again 4 the other teams to chase them through the season lo
yomite22 April 2009
Barclay (1)
Who believe it dat Barclay belong to Liverpoolfc dis season?
olesiare April 2009
Gunners (1)
Neva giv a*senal da chance 2 close a gap on u'l neva catch them
kajei200 March 2009
CONGRATS 2 da 4 English teams who have qualified 2 continue da FA. English premier is da best compared 2 all others. Hamuoni English premier wako kule
thike March 2009
MAN U R through 2 da FA CUP semi thrashing FULLHAM 4_0 manchester tuko hapa mahasidi mta do?
thike March 2009
Vyenye league iko MAN U tutakuwa da 1st club kuwin mara tatu,back 2 back en CRISTIANO anyake GOLDNBOOT ama HAPO VIPI?

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