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hischild April 2015
who rules (1)
according to 1 corinthians chapter 11. JESUS is the head of the man,the man head of the woman. so i would say the husband has rule over the wife. in o
acts238 March 2015
lady pastors? (2)
do you believe a woman pastors? are there any restrictions?
hischild March 2015
1 corinthians 11 (1)
according to this chapter our (womens) hair is our glory. i dont believe cutting it will send you to hell but i do believe because of this chapter we
acts238 October 2010
equally yoked (2)
this is about whether you think being equally yoked is just about being with another christian or you think you should marry into your own denominatio
soldier2 June 2010
State of the Dead [45]
Soldier2 vs N1ck n1ck I want to talk to you about the state of the dead.[i]What are we made of? What happens when you die? Do we have immortal
n1ck November 2009
Rules of Engagement (5)
Please adhere to the following rules for debating.
n1ck April 2009
Welcome Message (1)
Greetings one and all. My name is Nick, and I am a Christian. This group was created for those who are interested in debating on religious issues, but

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