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Assalam O Alaikum!!
first f ol Hapi Hapi Hapi B'day to ma beloved PAKISTAN birthday.gif . May Yu live Long wid Peace ( aamin)
Humare watan ki sab se bari (big) problem bad leadership. cheap corruption. heavy Loadshading or etc awaamil hain ......... lekan ic sab bigarti hui soorat-e-haal k zimma-daar HUM sab khud hi hain. ( exactly) ..... Na tau hum bradri-system or ksi hamdardi me aa kr in Non-Senses ko vote dete Na hi ye hum par mussalat hote ................ aakhir kab tak hum yun hi khwab e ghaflat me parhay rahain ge ? Hum khud se nai jaagain ge tau KON JAGAHAY GA HUMAIN ??
Jago yar! its tym to Wake Up !!!!!!!!

Let us ol close our eyes 4 1 gud
minute n think about the places
wherever we r in PAKISTAN without
ol this corruption, security risks, bad
leaders, pollution, n electricity water
gas issues.
Think about ur place
widout ol these problems. Jst give it
a thought yu at ur own city, village,
town etc. without ol the problems yu
r facing rite now.

r not yu at the
best place yu could be? . Is not it like
heaven on earth?
I am sure it is. It sure is exactly.gif

Now We really need to
support Our Pakistan bcoz it is not only now tht our government is corrupt
but in fact other Anti-Pakistani
movements r also getting there
strong hands onto Pakistan in order to
destroy Paksitanis from inside.
angry.gif ......
Let it b to KNOW n REMOVE ol these Anti-Pakistan peoples, let it b to REMOVE ol these problem creators !!!!!!!!!

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