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emostorm May 2018
Final fantasy 7 [12]
For ppl who say this is the best final fantasy game by far, or jus to chat about the game its self
pyroemo November 2008
I need help! (0)
How da hell do i beat the undying in ff12
emostorm September 2008
Rare final fantasy games (8)
Do you have rare final fantasy games? Or jus know alot about them ? What ever it is you can come and talk about it
aceblitz September 2008
: / (1)
Do u eva think we do 2 much talkin? We should put all this passion 2 good use. Lets all go 2 Japan. We'll fight loadza monsters on the way n play blit
phosgal July 2008
Final fantasy music (6)
Lets talk bout the music i love aeris theme it makes me sad
lilwayn3 July 2008
Final Fantasy12 Hints n Cheats (1)
For all the die hard fans who have gotten every weapon,magics,espers, and marks. Tell us how u attain them all.
lestat00 July 2008
Summons, aeons, espers, gf's... [11]
Whats your top 3 favorite summons, from which final fantasy
emostorm May 2008
Final fantasy clothing (5)
Anyone own some clothing from the final fantasy clothing, or would like a discussion on them
emostorm May 2008
Final fantasy 8 (5)
For ppl who have played final fantasy 8
vampzeph May 2008
Gunblade or Buster Sword? (3)
which would you choose out of a Gunblade or Buster Sword?
phosgal April 2008
Fav final fantasy character? (6)
Which is ur fav n y? Mine is aeris cos she vry kind
phosgal February 2008
Ff12 for ds (1)
Does ne1 know when the new ff12 game for ds is comin out there def is one cos seen it in bro beano lol
vampzeph January 2008
Who would you rather play as? (2)
In Final Fantasy who would you like to play as. If its Sephiroth Crescent, Cloud Strife, Vincent Valentine, Tifa lockhart, Squall Lionhart etc or a ch
emostorm January 2008
Final fantasy 10 -2 (3)
Only for girls? For ppl who played this game
emostorm January 2008
Final fantasy 10 (4)
For ppl who played final fantasy 10

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