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ur.fairy May 2024
**.. Last Post Win~Game ..** [1007]
[b]Hey Friendzzz, friends.gif Lets Play a Game here..... In this topic, Whoevr replies Last bcumz THE WINNER of tis Game... Lets see who wins?? (c
shail_86 September 2023
Playlist [851]
If u are listening some song then share it with us and let this playlist grow...
xtash October 2021
Ur mOoD !!! [438]
let ppl arnd know wats ur mood .. wats ur status....or wats in ur mind now....some thot running by.....anything...
frodob18 April 2021
Whatsup?! [70]
Tell others what you are doing right now for instance: watching some program on TV or reading or listening to something.
xtash April 2019
chat more [649]
chat along leav msgs for oda members o de team... Any questions any feelings u wanna share jst scratch down ea
texan09 April 2019
countdown to cHRiStmAs [116]
its holiday season n christmas is around de corner time of de year u give n share ..
shail_86 April 2019
Question Game [260]
Here you have to talk to each other but the condition is as the title suggests, you have to talk only in questions for example who are you? why do you want to know? why should i tell you? .......[ May 2018
The gift (2)
What's the best gift for give a girl friend?
frodob18 November 2016
Books [43]
Post the name of the book u have read and recommend others to read it.
ur.fairy July 2016
!!.. I mIsS yOu ..!! [125]
[b]Dear friends, friends.gif If U miss someone close and dear, try to convey ur message to that Friend / Lover wid the help of tis topic... Imagine
texan09 October 2015
favourite quotes [176]
mates share wit us here any qoute u read heard or ur own
tarif_4u October 2015
FouR wOrDS! [113]
lol.gif peepz in ths topic only use four words let me startrules.gif
frodob18 October 2015
In this topic u have to chat using the words in reverse order or what is called as mirror writing. For instance-how r u? wil become, ?u r woh
shail_86 October 2015
word linking game [363]
frnds, this is a simple game, u hv to write a word which comes to ur mind after seeing the last word, enjoy....i start with beauty.....i continue it wit beauty - simplicity
xtash November 2014
fun corner [256]
ohh yea dis corner is jst for some jokes or some laf dat u wud wanna share so go ahead frnds spread de smile cos its de longest word in english oh ohh

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