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daddylve January 2010
Blind Side (0)
Just finished reading bout Michael oher, its a must read for all Nfl fans. Tought me alot about the game and was a great read, go buy it now.
tyler12 January 2010
super bowl (1)
dallas cowboys vs. sandiego chargers thats who i think will go to it
gabeus99 January 2010
Stay current! (3)
First, who is your team daddy. Second, the parity and/or inconsistancey in the league is unbelievable this year. Go Ravens!
daddylve January 2010
Divisionals (0)
Baltimore @ Indianapolis Arizona @ New Orleans Ny Jets @ San Diego Dallas @ Minnesota
daddylve January 2010
Wild cards (0)
Ny jets 24-14 Cincinnati Philadelphia 14-34 Dallas Baltimore 33-14 New England Green Bay 45-51 Arizona (ot)
daddylve January 2010
Week 15 (0)
Indianapolis 35-31 jacksonville dallas 24-17 new orleans chicago 7-31 baltimore new england 17-10 buffalo arizona 31-
daddylve January 2010
Thursday night football (0)
Indianapolis 35-31 jacksonville well the colts remain unbeaten and i dont know how, another game where they should of lost. Is it a good thing to win
daddylve January 2010
Wild cards (0)
Its that time of year the playoffs are coming, the afc is fairly clean cut, with indy already there cincinnati and san diego almost i think new englan
daddylve November 2009
Brady vs Manning pt 12 (0)
Come on this is it, the Afc Championship game to be. Can the Colts keep it up with a dodgy offense, no running game and a suspect defense. The Pats ar
daddylve November 2009
Week 10 Finals (0)
Chicago 6-10 San Francisco
daddylve November 2009
Week 10 (0)
Chicago @ San Francisco, 49ers by 6; Detroit @ Minnesota, Vikes by 14; Atlanta @ Carolina, Panthers by 4; Den
daddylve November 2009
Week 9 finals (0)
Baltimore 7-17 Cincinnati, Houston 17-20 Indianapolis, Green Bay 28-38 Tampa Bay, Arizona 41-21 Chicago, Kansas 21-24 Jacksonville, Miami 17-27
daddylve November 2009
Johnson released / rumours (0)
Rb Larry Johnson has been released by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Redskins are mulling over picking him up. There are many rumours doing the
daddylve November 2009
LT arrested (0)
Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Tayler has been involved in a hit and run incident in Miami. He was arrested late sunday and then released after ques
daddylve November 2009
Game of the week (0)
Some great match ups this week including Houston @ Indianapolis, the rematch of Ravens, Bengals(Lewis vs Ocho Cinco) and the divisional battle between

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