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imzu November 2020
Missing heros game (4)
[b]Hi guys! wave.gif first you must find the missing letter in the name of the hero! For example: B_T__N? The answer is 'BATMAN' idea.gif like this you co
imzu November 2020
PCG award! (7)
[b]Hi guys! wave.gif here i wil select any 2 nominees,den u mst strt votin... work.gif i wil announce d winner on sunday... horn.gif i wil change d nominees
imzu November 2014
Hw do HULK gets green?? (3)
Hi guys! wave.gif I hv a huge doubt about HULK,tht hw he gets green?? confused.gif Lets discus it here....
imzu January 2013
Comments pls...? [16]
Hi thr! wink2.gif pls giv me ur comments about dis group? Rply....thnk u... thanks.gif
imzu January 2013
True or False? (1)
[b]Hi guys! wave.gif its very simple game..i will give you one question,you must answer that by using 'true' or 'false' you can give your own question,a
imzu April 2010
Hi guys! wave.gif this is a topic where you can welcome our new members,and cheer them! cheers.gif
imzu March 2010
Appreciations (1)
Hi guys! wave.gif is there anything a superhero did that you loved so much? Come and tell us we would love to hear you... hug.gif
imzu March 2010
PCG album! [11]
Hi guys! wave.gif this is a topic where you can reply submitting hug comic pictures! So lets fill this alb*m from cool comic pictures!

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