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queer April 2020
whasapp group [15]
Karibuni to an active whasapp rainbow group..just send me ur no. :-)
mr.gudguy March 2019
chats and fun (0)
kuna watu wa nairobi huku kweli? people hebu tujuane
osteenet April 2017
temperaments. [11]
4 a partner in life,which temperament wud u prefa,a.saguine.b.melancholicc.phlegmatic.d.chorelic.
tantricp April 2017
New ex Kenyan coming home soon (0)
Hi folks, I left kenya years ago (have been back several times on business) but am moving back soon to buy a home and set up a business so looking for
t150 November 2016
Dating an older woman (6)
As a guy wld u date an older woman? if yes y, if no y nt?
mwenyeji June 2015
Bored with the r/ship and s*x talk? [10]
I am. Post anything else apart from that cr*p.
giveme May 2015
to u friend (0)
hello.friendly people... the group is silent. whats up! changamkeni.... lets make friends
osteenet October 2014
kissing [15]
y do ppl close their eyez when kissin,i thot tz a lips job,he!he!
yurii July 2014
less (0)
Am h*rny around Nairobi I need a gal to come lick it dry as I suck her . ....
t150 June 2014
Am h*rny... (7)
I always wonder y would someone post that they r h*rny as their mood or status update on fb, tell it to ur bf/gf nt the world, what's ur view on this?
mwenyeji June 2014
Cute girls wanted (6)
Ladies, ever had aspirations for the modelling industry? Can you do whatever it takes for you to get the required results? Are you willing to travel
mwenyeji May 2014
Swali nyeti. [67]
So nimechoka na locals, same ol' faces and scoundrels around. So nikitaka ku-make it happen, club/joint/pub/den gani skuizi ndio zinabamba...apart fro
scarletz January 2014
Narok lesbians [10]
Any lesbian or gay guys in narok please hit my inbox, i know how it gets lonely in this small town lets give each other company :)
cyrus254 January 2014
nanyukians (0)
any1 from nanyuki...add me
queer January 2014
Nakuru and its environs (2)
Wapi watu wa those side.?

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