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swtchoco September 2018
**/Morning/Nite Wishes ** [156]
Hi Friends You Can Greet All With Your Wishes.. mwah.gif
geet023 January 2017
Enter Your Email address EARN MONEY! (5) u wnt to make huge money? just submit here ur email address!
exquisite January 2016
jus a Helo (0)
Helo to all d alive ppl here. join me if u lyk to hv simple dcnt frnd.
2winkle2 January 2016
where's everyone (2)
It's so quite in here what happened buddies.... just say hi if yo still alive lol
bigdog81 November 2015
Try ME and you'll see x x x
neokay July 2014
Need A FRIEND (0)
Hi guys am new here need a friend,a true one.
2winkle2 February 2014
Relationships!! HELP!!! (0)
What does it mean when a guy you are dating wakes up one morning just to txt u nd tell you he is not good enough for you...he loves you but cnt be wit
mmesoma September 2013
I need a friend to talk and chat to them (0)
I need a person who i will share my love with
van.j September 2013
any girl? (4)
am single n searchin
wiltsb0y June 2013
Generous guy (1)
Hiya everyone. Are there any adventurous ladies out the that would like to meet a generous guy? Drop me a line. :-)
austin69 May 2013
The Secret of My Success [14]
The secret of my success. Here's a brief success true story of how I turned my life with the helpful tips from whispersoflove. It's a dream come true. You can do the same. How did I do it? [br
seanuts May 2013
Liverpool any1 (1)
Single lad x
gevarlik April 2013
gee (1)
Awe awe
skrilla1 February 2013
i hope this poem leads me to ma love (7)
As I wake by your side, My feelings for you I can not hide, I touch your face gently and slowly in the morning light, Being with you just feels so rig
taphylov January 2013
How to approach a girl and what to say h (0)
How to approach a girl and what to say help

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