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b1ackerz November 2011
Jokes (7)
Stick them in ere... No matta how sick
b1ackerz April 2011
Upload ur face pix [10]
Upload ur face pix so i can chuck em in the 'members mugshots' folder coz its bare... And upload any other u have aswel
ronny_g April 2011
fav one liners! (4)
post ur fav n funniest one liners
b1ackerz April 2011
Me poll. (5)
Its sposed 2 say 'perfect body' nt 'perfect boy' pmpl.gif
b1ackerz April 2011
b1ackerz May 2010
Nametone requests [39]
Stick ya name down and il try n get ur nametone
b1ackerz May 2009
Mp3 requests (8)
Write em ere il get them 4 ya.. Feel free 2upload ya own stuff
ninkynin May 2009
Implode (3)
A bud told me a plum would make a good old grandmother's v*gina model (procedure wouldn't be mentioned to protect the young members of this group). No

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