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freaky9 April 2009
He just wanted 2use my 4n (2)
I met this certain guy,il ko him D,we went 4 a couple of dates 4 2weekz then he started acting funny,he stopped calling or texting and when i did call
naly January 2009
Miss (1)
Im sad coz i lv some1 wu hurt m many tymz w,v got a lvly son,h seems 2 lv him bt h doesnt want 2 pay de damage so de conflict start here h want 2 myk
lindene October 2008
how it happen (6)
we have the distance thing between us.when i went to see him he told me that there is some1 els. I DONT KNOW THATS WRONG WITH ME WHEN HE AND THE GIRL
deliese1 April 2008
Used (0)
We had an on & off again thing for 16yrs. He got sick, cld me & I did all I could 2 help. Came 2 c me, said he's gonna keep heart 2 himself a while. 6
honeytot April 2008
everything seemed so right I cud feel the love between us each time we spoke. all I wanted owez was to tlk to him nd wait to finally meet him
sandlyn February 2008
problems (1)
now me n bf c each order 4 2yrs,now a gf he had bfore me is back,he be liein to me tht he his goin by is mom.then he say so,so i go after he left he w
busgy January 2008
Rumors (2)
We started out just fine until his friends started tellin him that im a player n im cheatin on him which was not true now he broke up wit me and i rea
nawtypet July 2007
Betrayed (0)
I was with my ex for 7 yrs I did everything for him then last year for my bday he said he wanted to be with another woman.....some gift that was
real2k7 May 2007
cheating (0)
my real name is tameisha and my boyfriend name is scilatry he cheated on me with a girl girl i saw him with her how can i get him from cheating please
simarah April 2007
die (6)
i feel i cn die! my heart has been rippd out of my body! I luv him so much! bt i dnt wnt 2! help me!
morpheas April 0
Cheater (0)
Had a bf we been going out 4 5years. Got pregnant. As my due date draws near found out that his gf he had b4 me was also pregnant an she says its his.
morpheas April 0
Cheater (0)
How cn sum1 b so cruel?

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