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warded 17 days
bobdylan April 2013
voice age [11]
I'd it just me or do voices sound different ages to the voice owners confuse.gif Sadie sounds 19 , Nikkei sounds 52 and mz.c sounds about 15 ....STONE (
shadow27 September 2012
Hey [134]
only 4 people so far? That's so slack!
ladibud September 2012
thank you all! [23]
Thank u all for the uploads so far... It has been great hearin u all, been fun for a change in here... Keep them comin and really everyone is welcome
bobdylan September 2012
twi (5)
pmpl.gif fking epic bwahahahahahaha
nikkei September 2012
cutest dinosaur ever!! (5)
Aww bobs sp*wn aww.gif raaaaaahh.
bobdylan September 2012
oilygash (6)
faint.gif I just listened to my own version of oilygash and cringed hahaha

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