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warded 41 minutes
Chronus Arc (NSW) [17]
A Kemco / Hit-Point JRPG. Originally on the 3DS. Also available on Kemco RPG Selection Vol. 4 . The game is similar to Lufia 2 (on the SNES) with the
warded 6 hours 25 minutes
Blasphemous (NSW) (3)
Getting a physical release. Demo has been available since digital release.
warded 6 hours 26 minutes
Blasphemous II (NSW) (3)
read.gif 24.08.2023
warded 22 hours
Mina The Hollower (2)
zelda - like by the people who made Shovel Knight. It looks like Game Boy games such as Seiken Densetsu and Link's Awakening. TBA 2023
warded 22 hours
TLOZ Echoes of Wisdom (NSW) (2)
The Legend of Zelda redalert.gif EU 26.09.2024
warded 1 day 22 hours
warded 6 days
Yohane the Parhelion (6)
-Blaze in the Deepblue- another Metroidvania by Inti Creates good.gif 16.11.2023 (Nintendo Switch)
warded 6 days
warded 6 days
! UPDATE ! [10]
There is lots of news and games missing here. I've been a bit lazy and only followed nintendo switch news. I'm going to get my s**t together and post
warded 6 days
Mother 3 - GBA (NSW) (1)
Nintendo Switch online expansion pass or something, but only in Japan.
warded 6 days
Gems of War (NSW) [596]
redalert.gif Free to play, free online too.
expired1 6 days
Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (7)
Something from capcom. US 22.05.2012 JP 24.05.2012 EU 25.05.2012
warded 10 days
Shin Megami Tensei V (NSW) [20]
Officially in development for Nintendo Switch read.gif TBA 2018
warded 19 days
Paper Mario 2 Remastered (NSW) [14]
redalert.gif The thousand-year door. From the Nintendo GameCube.
warded 19 days

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