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aks700 October 2021
What is India's national sport? (6)
Try to answer without googling... :-)
22279 January 2020
india (0)
koi hai yaha?
arpita55 February 2016
desperate? [21]
Why r Indian boys especially so desperate abt havin a gf? N so crazy for grlz?
ajithtv March 2014
hi (1)
am very proud to be an indian
purabraj February 2014
aks700 November 2012
Solve this- unsolved yet! [15]
Do you know the state BIHAR has 5 names of India in its name. I will give u 4 names, find out the 5th one. No one could solve from last one year.
aks700 November 2012
Indian Railways Facts. [13]
Hope you read 'Amazing Facts about India' now it's time to know Indian railways.
aks700 August 2012
Happy 66th independence anniversary Indi (0)
Happy Independence day. Jai Hindi....
aks700 July 2012
What do you knw abt India? (2)
Post anything that you know abt India and Indians.
aks700 June 2012
India chatroom! (0)
Whenever you check private chat channel, you will see India room is always active. Only India is the country wich has a 24/7 active chat-room with its
aks700 May 2012
Amazing facts about India. [25]
Amazing facts about India wich will make you feel proud to be an Indian.
arpita55 May 2012
black or white? [11]
Why do most Indians wanna be fair? What problem do they have wid their real skin color? Thinking.gif
julia16 May 2012
y sx taboo in india (3)
as i knw frm ind guys msgs i feel sx taboo der gv reasons
aks700 May 2012
About India (1)
Home to the Indus Valley Civilization and a region of historic trade routes and vast empires, the Indian subcontinent was identified wi
aks700 May 2012
Value of the word INDIA (0)
Do You even know it? Think it deeply before doing any bad work on Wap or anywhere, you are indian

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