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bellring March 2012
What about e-mail exchange? [14]
My best regards from Russia! Mobile internet is expensive while e-mail exchange is not in Tver region of Russia where I live. You are to have right se
jadi110 March 2012
Life in the Russia or outside? (5)
What do u think life in our country become better? Or many russians still prefer to live and work aboard?
shrek002 November 2010
what? [11]
What do u like?
sasha86 June 2010
Russians uk (0)
Did live any russian in Berkshire?
javaj June 2010
What do you think of Israeli hacking Russia? January 2010
Helo!who is from Blagoveshchen (1)
helo,anyone is from Blagoveshchensk..Buds Me plz
tattoouk March 2009
Me (0)
Im john from the uk anyone up 4 a chat
lukin4gf October 2008
Searchin 4 a hot russian lady! (0)
Hi im looking 4 a beautiful russian lady, bud me if ur interested.
peppy June 2008
Hello :) (0)
I'd like to make new russian buds, male or female, any age. I hope to find interesting ppl with common or uncommon interests. I'm very much interested

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