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jeskev March 2015
101lovers (0)
i want sum1
2winkle2 November 2012
so guyz help me out here, u went partyin or ravin with ur guy friends n u don't ve a dancing partner n ur male best friend offers to dance holding u
zulux September 2012
Perfect place for s*x.... [22]
Where do u think is the perfect place for s*x???
chilebe September 2012
I love to be love (0)
Heloo am chilebe and single looking for the rite one me if you are here just come close to knw me more am sinple am nice and loving guy..can you ad me
zulux May 2012
Is it right to have more than one s*xual partner!?
brian432 May 2012
s*x (6)
Is it possible 2 hav s*x first tym u meet?
sindy13 November 2011
zulux November 2011
IS HE/SHE GOOD... [11]
what is the most important thing u like about ur man or lady? Is it the way he hold u or the way she kissises u...lets lala-la a lil bit!!
mnico November 2011
humpy (0)
how can u tel if he she z da 1?
nary101 September 2011
how can u tell (6)
how can u tell he/she is cheating
mnico September 2011
What realy makes a lady happy (0)
Its lyk what they ar luking 4 z out of dis plannet
rudygal2 September 2011
Hw do u get ova a heartbreak? [17]
Hw does a gal or guy get ova a heartbreak?
zulux September 2011
Your friend ask you for s*x what would u do? [10]
Your friend ask u for s*x what would u do?
zulux September 2011
Why do we cheat? [16]
Is it just bcause we dont get enough attention or we are not sure about our lovers...
aryan.k8 August 2011
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