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phlamex April 2015
The devil and God (2)
How does ur religion view this ... Well i think God created everything and devil is the villian and opposer .
livers7 February 2015
What's d significance f (wedding) veils? (5)
Isaac and Jacob received their wives while in VEIL. Judah's daughter in law was veiled. What's d role of veiling? How necessary is it?
livers7 February 2015
Ever seen d true image of Jesus Christ? (5)
There are many portraits dat suggest d appearance of Jesus Christ. Av u ever seen Jesus' true image?
phlamex January 2015
What is in btw Christianity n Islam.. [16]
Dnt they all beliv in one God, dnt they all worship in a congregation... What is their differences..
phlamex January 2015
eternity (2)
how does your religion view the last day, or do you think is a myth
phlamex January 2015
What is your new year resolution (1)
Mine by God's Grace is to get more closer to my Lord and Saviour, please tell us your own
phlamex January 2015
if u were given a moment wit God (2)
wat question would u ask him, jst 1 question
phlamex February 2014
On what ground can we conclude that God (3)
Should he appear in the physical? Would it make sense.. Or if he took away free will as well would it had made any sense.. Or u think science can proo
phlamex February 2014
What does christmas means 2 u (0)
It means alot 2 both believers n unbelievers
phlamex February 2014
Is there a true sense of right and wrong (8)
Is it based on perception?
wiscor February 2014
Is dere a difference btween righteousnes (3)
xo lets discuss. Wats de difference btween righteousness n holiness? Any1 with an idea comment
phlamex February 2014
Before Christianity n Islam (2)
Beliefs existed lik polytheism, sun worship etc. Can we say dat they were wrong since dey re nw extinct
phlamex February 2014
Religion and science in the medieval per (4)
What do u think of the arguements
phlamex November 2013
Evolution of man .. (1)
Adam or Darwin ..
phlamex November 2013
End of d world (0)
Do u agree dat believers will suffer alongside with sinners in the endtimes?

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