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What's the maximum file size allowed and what types of files can be uploaded?

- Maximum file size allowed is 5MB.
- Supported file formats are image (JPG, GIF, PNG), video (MPEG, MP4, 3GP, AVI), Android - Java - Symbian Games, Apps (JAR,JAD,SIS,APK), Audio/Ringtones (MP3, AMR, MID, WAV), mobile themes/skins (THM, NTH) and text (TXT).
- Your phone's default browser may not support uploading files, in that case you can use your PC or a 3rd party browser like Opera Mini to upload your files.
- Uploading adult or illegal content like cracks, warez, porn etc is strictly FORBIDDEN!
- All uploaded files are controlled by admin. If you upload such content your group will be deleted and your account will be banned.

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