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How can I use the BB (Bulletin Boards) codes in topics?

To add cliparts to group topics, write the name of clipart between parantheses ( ) anywhere in your blog. You can add more than one clipart in a message.

E.g. Hello (wave), can someone please help me (help)

Use [br], <br/>, <p> and </p> tags for line break
E.g. Hi[br] I'm looking for new friends.<br/>

To give external links use [link] : [/link]
E.g.: [link]Join The Best Mobile Community!:[/link]
.. or just copy paste the link code from HTML like this:
<a href="">Join The Best Mobile Community!</a>

To add external images to your blogs use [img] [/img] tags.
E.g. [img][/img]

Other usages:
<img alt="image" src=""/>
<img src=""/>

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