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Find Friends

+ By default Find Friends menu lists members from your country, your age group and opposite sex.

+ You can change search criteria by selecting "Change Filter" link.

+ From the search menu you can list members from any country, age, sex and sort the results by new or last online.

+ Once you change the filter it's automatically saved and next time you open Find Friends you'll see the results that are matching your stored search criteria.

+ You can either select your country name or region from search menu. If you want to expand your search tick the box next to Region list. If it's not ticked then the search will bring you the results for the selected country, not the region.

+ The numbers next to country names are online members from that country. It's based on member's Geo IP location not user's preference in his profile. E.g. a member can select UK as region but may login from another country or use a proxy so he/she maybe listed online under a different country.

+ "Detailed Search" option enables you to search in users profile details like his interests, likes, favourites and other individual information.

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