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Buddy List

+ You can add maximum 1000 buds .

+ If you want to add a user to your buddy list you must send buddy request.

+ When you add a user to your buddy list you can send and receive pop-up messages, see their online-offline status, browser and place information, mood, private photos and profile details.

+ You can add clip art to pop-up messages.

+ Pop-up messages are stored in pop-up archive but it's limited to last 1000 conversations.

+ You can write up to 300 characters in a pop-up message.

+ You can disable receiving pop-up messages.

+ If you see the previously received pop-up message again, it's probably your phone is loading pages from cache. To avoid this problem clear the cache and reload the page.

+ If some of your pop-up messages didn't arrive but you see them in pop-up archive, it's probably because you've clicked a link more than once before the page was loaded. This causes your pop-up message to be set as read because system presume that the page was loaded and pop-up was read with the first click ..

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