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I know myself, I can't be twisted

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most things in life are controlled by others, all we can do is decide what we want, thats it.. see no reason to push, it achieves nothing & can sometimes create problems.. i don't see the point in deception, its easier to remember the truth than a lie..i do believe in honesty, lies usually get found out.its much easier to just say what you want, not use tricks....the best form of entertainment is company.. i've seen a lot of too, but its like looking through stained glass, can't fully know until you've been through it..all i know is things are never simple & often enough the things worth while are the hardest to gain or maintain...the funny thing i find, if you're set in who you want, others start to chase you... well just be true to you, hold onto faith & trust, you'll find where you need to be with in isnt always one way,its diverse more details >>
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