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Im tall. Love the outdoors. Single. Independant.

More About sxcric
sxcric is of mixed european origin, single, living alone and wants to be a dad one day. He has graduated from college.

He is normal weight, over 6' 3" (190cm) tall, has blue eyes and athletic body

Never been married, but been close a few times. Looking for a responsible, respectable, clean, resourceful partner, to settle down with and be a family. Bbm: 2b6e7964 WeChat: Richard30513 Don't get me wrong, in the rest of my profile, but what you give, is what you get and I have managed to be a gentleman, not a dog, but seems that is not the way to get a woman. Only turn nasty, when provoked, but I prefer to walk away, before I get nasty. Sometimes I regret hesitating, but majority of the time, I'm glad that I did, after seeing how some people are. Got a few true friends, in the real world (offline) and learned recently that 2 friends,that I thought were true, were only looking for my support, in their time of need, but once they got a bit extra, they told me to stuff off, when I needed them to pay back the money, or help me out. Ps, I can't get into my wap site, so I can't change things, like my relationship status and I prefer having a partner, rather than being in a relationship, because relationship can mean so many things, like complicated, open, living with a squatter, etc. more details >>
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For the people that want to see how I look like, that I don't mind showing

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