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Call or tx me if u want, just be friendly [Geez, I ws such a desper8 kid back then. Haha 2023.04.03]

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gryff15 is asian, single, believer, living with his parents and doesn't have kids. He has graduated from university.

He is normal weight, 5' 3" - 5' 7" (160cm - 170cm) tall, has brown eyes and average body

I like friendly people. I am an introvert person in real life so only on chat/text I have the guts to speak up. I'm a quiet person. I love learning English(my 3rd language), music, painting, movies, writing, blogging, reading, facebooking, photography and programming. I took a BS degree in Computer Science. . Add me up on fb, fb dot com / [Edit: How desperate of me to even post my fb in here to gain friends, poor kid haha. 2023.04.03] more details >>
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My World of Loneliness and Grief

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