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I am cool & nice guy, i like fun, play & joke. I hate people that hurt me all the time, i am

More About ngebeh
ngebeh is of black / african origin, straight, single, believer, living with his parents and wants to be a dad one day. He has graduated from high school.

He is normal weight, 5' - 5' 3" (152cm - 160cm) tall, has black eyes and slim body

My name is Momoh MK Mustapha son of the late Paramount chief MK Mustapha Ngebeh4, of Peje West chiefdom, my Mother name is Isatu Mustapha, she is live in Pejewa Village. I was born (11 July,1995) during the ruble war in Freetown Sierra Leone. I started attending school in the year 2003 in Methodist primay school Kenema from class one to three. I sit to my NPSE exam in 2008 at Methodist school in Pejewa village, and i sit to my BECE exam in 2010. I lost my father (April 6,2011) in Bunumbu ( more details >>
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I love the rest of free style unit members of pejewa and kenema.from your friend Momoh mk mustapha(V.I.P)
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for all lovers in the world
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i love christ

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