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* Interests
I'm dominant. Make no mistake: I call the shots. THAT SAID, I have a very soft heart and some hard fantasies you'd love.

* Makes Me Happy
A submissive wife

* Makes Me Sad
Sad? People who break up families.

* Good Habits

* Bad Habits
Honest enough that people who agree with me are few and far between.

* Profession
Student. Teacher. Engineer.


* Team
Take 'em filthy murderous lying Israelis out! And the USA too while you're at it. That's my team, whatever name they go by.

* Music
Silence is golden.

* Animal

* Food/Drink
MILK... also mash en frikkadelle...... BOEREWORS! Snoek too. Can't forget stywepap, haha!

* Author
Moulana Ahmad Saadiq Desai

* Person
The girl who will marry me and be my plaything to do with as I please, when I please...

* Place
Somewhere alone in nature with that girl

* Quote
Verily, Allah is pure, and He accepts only that which is pure. - Muhammadur Rasoolullahi sallallahu alayhi wasallam

More About lykos
lykos is of white / caucasian origin, straight, single, religious, living alone and has 2 children. He has graduated from high school.

He is normal weight, 5' 7" - 6' (170cm - 183cm) tall, has hazel eyes and athletic body

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