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* Interests
Evangelism,rap music,literature,animals,science esp. chemistry,movies,sports esp. football.

* Makes Me Happy
Good things and music plus pleasant suprises

* Makes Me Sad
Bad news esp. involving my family

* Good Habits
Can save,study God's word,hardworking,polite,neat,can cook.

* Bad Habits
pride in anger,inability to stop myself from retaliating when offended,sometimes too extravagant.

* Profession
Student (doctor-to-be)


* Team
Tottenham Hotspurs FC

* Music
Space-bound by Eminem

* Singer/Band

* TV Show
Medical Detectives

* Movie
Mortal Kombat

* Animal
Foxes, Wolves, Dogs and Eagles.

* Food/Drink
Potatoes,Wines,Ciders an Cocacola products

* Author
James Hardley Chase, Charles G. West, Mario Puzo, Bethany Campbell, Chinua Achebe

* Person
Giovani dos Santos

* Place

* Thing

* Quote
the world of ice lies within divinity...

A.K.A Lethal Believer, i love GOD,the human mind,i'm fun to be with. Be seeing ya!

More About icydivinity
icydivinity is of mixed race, straight, single, believer and doesn't have kids. He has graduated from high school.

He is normal weight, 5' 3" - 5' 7" (160cm - 170cm) tall, has brown eyes and athletic body

i love writing,literature and music. particularly rap music
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