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* Team
I watch a bit of actions on TV cos I'm myself an action man. I watch football matches 4rm behind so can I predict.

* Music
I jib at jazz; I don't hop my hip n pop, rock n roll but leave it Classic around a Hilly-Billy soul slide down to the traditional gospel dance manoeuvre.

* Singer/Band
Many a one, angelic, sincere, n reflecting d song and music in a style n fashion approvingly heavenly.

* TV Show
No TV has given more than I've offered, save dat it radiates great light such dat makes me ask, 'hey what art thou?'

* Movie
No movie has moved me save d discipline, decorum n professionalism in the Nollywood making me detest most passionately.

* Animal
Animals cld b scary n detestable except such as are profitable for consumption. U r not one cos, being a man u r the measure f all things.

* Food/Drink
If u dine wit d king put a knife t ur throat. I eat when ravenous. However, man must not live by, on, in, under or at bread, or the like, alone but by his Master's sermons.

* Author
Many a letter as can be endlessly appreciated has been and will continue to be. One asked, 4rm whenst cometh d master's mastery at pen n paper?' Well... the breath of the Almighty... gives him inspiration.

* Person
A human being whose existence was conceived, borne and delivered on Friday, n then on Saturday, gave his Father rest n offered a rapacious world retreat 4rm ceaseless toil. Yet, unfortunately, man refuses n strives wit vim n vigour.

* Place
Let's imagine distance, space and time. A sultry clime made sojourners sulky, and I can't tread where angels feared t walk. Think home.. Think a place called Nigeria.

* Thing

* Quote
There is no limit to what man can be and/or do.

Don't b vulnerable to what is avoidable. chatting wit u cld b fun. Welcome.

More About livers7

He is normal weight, 6' - 6' 3" (183cm - 190cm) tall and has defined body

D prisoners who love their jail wil live in a room dat is never theirs, wit friends called inn-mates, work called hard labour wit d boss- taskmaster, a dream called nightmare, n destiny determined by fate and a future no shorter dan their footsteps. many r prisoners. All shld seek to be free!
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