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* Interests
Photography, horticulture, sauna, travelling, saving the world from itself

* Makes Me Happy
Getting up in the morning

* Makes Me Sad
Rain, obnoxious people, pollution

* Good Habits
I sponsored a dolphin

* Bad Habits
None, I'm practically perfect in every way (ok pretending im Mary poppins)

* Profession
Qualified key holder


* Team

* Music
Industrial, electronic, drum and bass

* Singer/Band
Rick Astley (hahahahahaha) but seriously angels on my side is just ok

* TV Show
Family guy and yea that's it

* Movie
A nightmare on elm street

* Animal
Leopard, dog, cat, myself (haha)

* Food/Drink
I eat and drink lots lol

* Author
Never written a book but possibly Stephen King

* Person
Brian Griffin (ok he's a dog but so what)

* Place
Anywhere hot

* Thing
My house keys... practically fkd without them!

pics in group

More About yep
yep is Bi, , spiritual, living with her pets and wants to be a mom one day. She has graduated from college.

She is normal weight, 5' 3" - 5' 7" (160cm - 170cm) tall, has brown eyes and average body

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