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* Interests
my interests include making music, doing tattoos and studying life in general, i never stop studying, i have recently got my mba in operations management and a cert in mechanical engineering, so for a tattoo artist im real educated. ;)

* Makes Me Happy
Seeing people happy

* Makes Me Sad
Seeing people sad

* Good Habits
cheering people up

* Bad Habits
beating up bad guys

* Profession
im a pro at life ;)


* Team
Dont watch much sports, but when i do....

* Music
metal and hip hop

* Singer/Band
metallica, emminem and a few others

* TV Show
havent watched tv in a long ass time, but i will say, the latest dragon ball series was epic

* Movie
queen of the damned, until today, its still my list topper

* Animal
the white tiger

* Food/Drink
pizza and coffee

* Author
anne rice

* Person
i dont have a favorite person... yet.

* Place
my mind

* Thing
my guitar

* Quote
live and let live, pain is an illusion and death is a doorway

A gothic angel in human form, musician, tattoo artist, and digital designer by trade.

More About archeangel
archeangel is of white / caucasian origin, straight, single, believer, living alone and doesn't have kids. He is doing postgraduate.

He is normal weight, 5' 3" - 5' 7" (160cm - 170cm) tall, has gray eyes and athletic body

send me a msg, lets chat, then you can ask whatever your heart desires.
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