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* Interests
A lot id love to change the world and get rid of the bad

* Makes Me Happy
My other half , kids , grandson and seeing good people triumph

* Makes Me Sad

* Good Habits
Im usually easy going lol

* Bad Habits
Erm smoking eating wrong foods and my temper

* Profession
Potential writer


* Music
Metal , rock good decent guitar bands love them hate that dance trance stuff headwrecking

* Singer/Band
Nightwish most nordic power metal, Metallica fave male singers meat loaf and Marco Hietela female Tarja Turunen,Floor Jansen, imelda may and Amy Winehouse

* TV Show
Doctor who yes i am a whovian and most sci fi like the x files the truth is out there

* Movie
Rain man forrest gump if ya know me ya know why

* Animal
Cats and dogs

* Food/Drink
Pina colada and a chinese dinner

* Author
Peter james

* Person
My beloved other half

* Place

* Thing
Tv stereo and pc oh and motorbikes

* Quote
Always believe in yourself and try and achieve the best to your potiential and never ever let others put ya down and never forget when injustice becomes law rebellion is your duty

Rock chic not here 4 dating i have a wonderful fiancee

More About mshippy
mshippy is of white / caucasian origin, straight, in a relationship, agnostic, living with ? and has 3 children. She has graduated from college.

Mad as a brush
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