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* Interests
eating parrots and telling yanks that they cannot spell.smelling cheese and licking water off underwater rocks

* Makes Me Happy
the complicated nuances of life the dull parameter off life

* Makes Me Sad
my hopeless inadequacy of intelligence compared 2 phall

* Good Habits
i don't practice them and don't have them

* Bad Habits
everything for i am the worst person you could know

* Profession
walker tosser hand shandy king


* Team
man city,new england patriots and f**k the yankees

* Music
music is a racket nowadays youngsters cannot sing

* Singer/Band
beige and the 69'ers

* TV Show
how big is your willy,how small are your breasts*life of a pea

* Movie
the courgettes and the aubergine

* Animal
fireyes with pmt

* Food/Drink
if its free its good,mcdonalds is like the smelliest crap

* Author
Seamus o'phallica

* Person
You mean there are people in this world?that's scary

* Place
Out of this world,out of my mind,scaring hell out of yours

* Thing
there is nothing as i have captured and eaten your brain

* Quote
there is no one as scary as me,i'm your nemesis

Etiam si omnes,ego non

More About 9362
9362 is straight, single, atheist, living with ? and doesn't have kids. He has graduated from high school.

He is obese, over 6' 3" (190cm) tall, has hazel eyes and fuller figure body

too many american options in education.I have 828 children and my b****rd offspring are taking pro over.south africans cannot cook and the english smell. my little toe hoe

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